Area3Ds not colliding with Gridmaps in Godot 4

aka Jolt problems apparently

May 15, 2024 • a weepingman

Quick one since it took me all afternoon. If you have an Area3D that won't seem to emit the body_entered signal when it hits your Gridmap, are you using Jolt Physics? Cuz thats the probl...

Particle3D emitting woes

aka Workarounds for bugs

May 4, 2024 • a weepingman

Like a year ago I was listening to a friend complain about theirs issues with the Godot engines particle systems when used with animation players. They said that it seemed inconsistent... somet...

3D in 2D Godot lesson #1

aka You need a world environment node

March 3, 2024 • a weepingman

In Godot, when you're playing around with subviewports you may end up with a situation like this: The model is black, but its fine in the editor. Maybe you toggled the Transparent Back...

This is not a world.

aka Learning 3D is weird

Feb. 18, 2024 • a weepingman

It can't be understated the weird stuff you can get into with 3D game dev. Up to this point I've been purely a 2D kinda guy, but after so long its time to change, and the next project...

Game Dev is hard

aka Somnipathy: Before you wake

Feb. 2, 2024 • a weepingman

What they don't tell you about game dev, is that its art. That's something I've learned in the last couple years. And what a programmer like myself doesn't know about art, i...

Hello again!

aka What a year

March 19, 2023 • a weepingman

I can't believe its nearly been a year since the last update! What have I been up to? Making the LD50 game a REAL game. If you haven't checked out Tearcell Games then you may be sur...

Ludum Dare 50 Eve

aka That time again

March 30, 2022 • a weepingman

I've certainly been neglecting the site, but at least I haven't been negelecting my projects. The last few months have been filled with much work on the amazing Dialogic plugin whic...

Impact Jam and results

aka The 3rd Jam

Feb. 19, 2022 • a weepingman

Since Ludum Dare 48, and the end of the Monthly projects I've found myself floundering a bit mentally. The goal of the 12 months of projects was to prepare myself for a real release of som...

Arcade Retrospective: October

aka Blue Noise: Streets

Oct. 31, 2021 • a weepingman

As September ended with me just finishing 1 stage of the 'zelda-like' half of Blue Noise, and my enthusiasm for the project still high, the decision to continue and do the '2d po...

Arcade Retrospective: September

aka Blue Noise

Aug. 31, 2021 • a weepingman

So many thoughts on Blue Noise... First one is that I'm driving forward with it. Its considered an active project and even when I started doing the project, I was REALLY excited about eve...