Since Ludum Dare 48, and the end of the Monthly projects I've found myself floundering a bit mentally. The goal of the 12 months of projects was to prepare myself for a real release of something out in the open, but bad 'writers block' and the lack of a deadline lead to delays and procrastination etc, which is obvious given I'm months behind my retrospectives. I started in October to hunt for another game jam to get back into things but couldn't find a good 48 hours one to participate in, until this past weekend that is.

Our entry Cosmic Canidae won 2nd place in this small but sweet competition hosted byThe Indie Game Academy. The theme? Make a game that highlights a relevant cultural issue of our time. What a great theme! We went with the interesting and nuanced topic of species reintroduction, based on wolves in the midwest and how layered an issue that can be. With new friends in tow, we really put out something I'm fond of, and I find my self reinvigorated and ready to refocus for the next one!

We'll be competing in Ludum Dare 50 in a couple months, and I can't wait to see what we come up with then.