It can't be understated the weird stuff you can get into with 3D game dev. Up to this point I've been purely a 2D kinda guy, but after so long its time to change, and the next project I'm working on will be 3D. The faked 3D in Somnipathy was too much, for too little payoff. Time for a change. Time to learn!

So my test projects ideas aren't THAT important, but it starts with a 3D world, and an invisible box to roll dice in. The landscape is its own scene, but the dice rolling system looks like this.

Viewport Example

Notable is the Camera 3D in a sub view port. This isn't too weird. Modern cameras and AR means we can see multiple views at once... still we end up with something like this as a HUD:

Viewport Example 2

Our secondary view. With a camera that only sees like this:

Viewport Example 3

This camera is blind. It sees only VisualInstance layer 3. All else is gone. Ultimately this means we end up with this.

This is weird. The dice are scene from two angles. But weirder... the wolf card blocks everything?! For you see the wolf cards 3D mesh material does not depth test. He's really supposed to be behind that stone tunnel thing. But he's not. Because the computer doesn't need him to be. And I don't want him back there. I want him visible no matter what. But again that other viewport doesn't see him either.

For whatever reason I'm remembering the 'This is not a pipe' meme, if you can consider a painting from the 1920s a meme. (The Treachery of Images). I'm not going for realisim, but even if I was this is not a world.

It just represents one.