Scope Creep

or How I'm bad at time management

Sept. 25, 2020 • A weeping man

By this point in my career I'd like to think I have time management skills down, but I keep surprising myself. The grand goal of this months project was a 'point and click meets zelda...

Diving into Pixel Art

Or how I spent 20 minutes drawing a rock

Sept. 14, 2020 • A weeping man

In my defense the rocks came out pretty darn good. My hobbiest game development journey has finally reached a point where my visions out pace my budget and free assets, so like so many other...

Shaders are voodoo

Or the rabbit hole has no bottom

Sept. 3, 2020 • A weeping man

As the next hobbyist game project continues, I'm leaning more heavily on shaders then previous endeavors. It's really amazing what they can do, but its also the first coding topic sin...

Wrapping up month four

or Is it cheating that this isn't a game?

Aug. 25, 2020 • A weeping man

Month four of the 12 month challenge is nearing its end. This month did not go as I expected but in a lot of ways it was also a very necessary 'break' from the previous three. What wa...

Navigating the sea of frameworks

Or of javascript frameworks and men

Aug. 11, 2020 • A weeping man

Picking a front end for my single page application was trying. The deeper you go in development the more overwhelming it can all feel, with too many choices that are 90% the same, but that last...

100 Angles

Or the headaches of using angular 1-9

Aug. 3, 2020 • A weeping man

I started doing the Safeharbour projects years ago and at the time I decided to use the relatively new Ionic Framework to get the job done. It used Angular 1.0 and as I liked the idea of hybr...

Learning by trips and tumbles

Or overthinking things for fun and profit

July 29, 2020 • A weeping man

As I write this, I've just spent a long day setting up my environment for my next project. Years ago I set up a Linode server to force myself to 'git gud' at Linux and related...

And we're live

Or the tribulations of production hosting

July 28, 2020 • A weeping man

And we go from development to something accessible to the outside world! I'm more of a coder than a server configurer (sp???) and while I latched on to Django way back for the REST API fra...

A long delayed website

Or it sure took long enough

July 27, 2020 • A weeping man

Finally we are up and running with something after many years. The least I could have done was a geocities style under construction gif. So here we go. All it took was a global pandemic. Ex...

GameJam Postmortem - PreJam and Friday

Or 48 hours of insanity part 3

• A weeping man

The GameJam was one of those perfect storms, where everything comes together in a brutal and intense cyclone, yet you somehow managed to ride the winds to a beautiful view. By any measure we we...