100 Angles

Or the headaches of using angular 1-9

Aug. 3, 2020 • A weeping man

I started doing the Safeharbour projects years ago and at the time I decided to use the relatively new Ionic Framework to get the job done. It used Angular 1.0 and as I liked the idea of hybr...

Learning by trips and tumbles

Or overthinking things for fun and profit

July 29, 2020 • A weeping man

As I write this, I've just spent a long day setting up my environment for my next project. Years ago I set up a Linode server to force myself to 'git gud' at Linux and related...

And we're live

Or the tribulations of production hosting

July 28, 2020 • A weeping man

And we go from development to something accessible to the outside world! I'm more of a coder than a server configurer (sp???) and while I latched on to Django way back for the REST API fra...

A long delayed website

Or it sure took long enough

July 27, 2020 • A weeping man

Finally we are up and running with something after many years. The least I could have done was a geocities style under construction gif. So here we go. All it took was a global pandemic. Ex...

GameJam Postmortem - PreJam and Friday

Or 48 hours of insanity part 3

• A weeping man

The GameJam was one of those perfect storms, where everything comes together in a brutal and intense cyclone, yet you somehow managed to ride the winds to a beautiful view. By any measure we we...